We’ve got some fun things happening! Wappingers Rises continues to feature community spotlights so whether you live here, work here, or play here, message us and we will feature you or a story you want to share! wappingersrises@gmail.com and be sure to follow us on instagram too! @wappingersrises

Wappingers Volunteers (including us) are currently working on two projects

1. Banners for lampposts - created by village residents and businesses, approved by village board, banners were just ordered/paid for by residents and business owners. This first round will be American Flags consistently on lampposts. We also shared ideas to have Village Artists come together and create a second round of banners as well! Artistic banners and historical ideas have been discussed. If you are an artist and you’re interested in leading this project please contact wappingersvolunteers@gmail.gmail.com

2. Welcome Signs- community was surveyed to help create proposal, proposal then prepared by village residents, under review by Historical Society for fact checking. We will raise money through donations (one sign and the artwork has already been sponsored) We need two more signs sponsored) email wappingersvolunteers@gmail.com with questions or to get involved.

For more on this project read here.