Recent Community Projects

Good Morning! Quick recap of citizen run projects and resources we’ve compiled here.

1. We‘ve prepared a list of volunteer opportunities some part of The Village like Recreation and Economic Development, others are local groups. Find more info here: RESOURCES

Email with questions or to be added to the list.

2. American Flag Banners- Village Residents and Businesses came together and bought 40 American Flags to consistently hang throughout The Village on lampposts. To get involved in more citizen run projects email We were happy to help organize and facilitate!

Thank you to those who also helped and donated:

Law Office of Jay Cantor

Graceland Tattoo

Di'Vine Wine Bar

The Desiderio Family

The Kolb Family

The Lauricella/Sheehan family

The Thurston family

The Atkinson family

The Beale family

The Cavaccini family

The Vitulli family

Bonnie Kieffer

A special thanks to Anne Ponte for dedicating her time and expertise to perform the custom alterations and to Trustee Kevin Huber for his efforts in bringing this before the Board and advocating for its approval.

3. Welcome Signs - Village Residents and Businesses came together to create a mock up for 3 Welcome Signs in The Village that highlight history, culture, outdoors, and Village Center / Main Streets. We conducted a community survey to gather feedback, spoke to The Mayor and Trustees, and prepared a detailed overview of the signs. Basic mock up below, official mock up to be provided when Village Board approves project. For more information and to learn how to sponsor a sign please email - We are happy to help facilitate!

Thank you to The Village of Wappingers Falls residents and businesses and Greater Wappinger Area Community for these great citizen run improvements!

—Wappingers Rises