One week from today! Mark your calendar.

Jacklyn here! Things are a little off regular schedule because of COVID (for example the March election was pushed back and just happened back on 9/15) so we thought it best to share that the Village Board Meeting on 9/30/2020 at 5pm is the reorg meeting.

🗣This is a big meeting! This is when the new board meets for the first time!

🤔Why is this important?

Why is this a meeting to call into?

🚨 This is a meeting where the new board votes and assigns appointment for all the positions. The re-organization meeting is the first meeting where the new board will meet and be assigned different departments such as highway, police, finance, zoning, planning etc They will appoint such positions as Parks Recreation Lake Economic Development.

👍These folks are either paid taxpayer dollars or assigned taxpayer dollars to spend by way of a budget so get to know them and thank them for being committed to serving the community.

👥 If you’re loooking to get invovled in the community whether it be a volunteer role, a paid role, or a future Elected Official, this meeting is a great time to see how it all works and speak up during public comment if you have questions.

Mayor made the decision to keep the Board meetings virtual (some municipalities are in person) so for this meeting next week you can call in by phone or connect via ZOOM by audio or video. It will be updated on this page very soon (we hope)! While we aren’t affiliated with Village Government we are commiting to helping open the door and share factual information.

Signing off for now,