How to be considered for a committee in The Village of Wappingers Falls

You asked we will answer!

Courtney jumping on for a blog post and writing a quick one from my own experience on how to be considered for a village committee:

  1. Show interest. Deliver a brief letter outlining your interest in a role (for example Parks, Recreation, Economic Development Committee, maybe you have your own idea for a committee) Go to 2582 South Ave Wappingers Falls NY - Deliver to Mr. John Karge Village Clerk who can distribute to trustees.

  2. Ask Mr. John Karge Village Clerk for Trustee phone #s Give them a call and let them know you’re interested.

  3. Ask your neighbors and supporters to email trustees stating why they support you. Some trustees don’t check email often so put Mr. John Karge on the email to distribute emails as well. Available emails below:

4. Ask your supporters to attend or call into the board meeting when it will be disucssed and speak during public comment showing support.

Together we can be engaged, active, and make a difference!