Election Day + Next Steps 🗳

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Jacklyn here! Votes are in for September 15th and guess what?!? In 6 short months we’ve got another village election coming our way.

As an excited resident I’ve jumped onboard to help inspire the community and help make important information readily available. Yesterday we voted to seat a trustee in our respective wards for a 2 year term.


Ward 1: Trustee Kevin Huber

Ward 2: Trustee Jennifer Niznik

Ward 3: Trustee Kristin Catalano

Thank you for committing to serving your community.

*Follow the Village of Wapppingers Falls for official announcement


Sept 30th The Village of Wappingers Falls appoints positions. This includes Recreation, Economic Development, Trustees , Trustee Liason Roles, Parks, Some Zoning and Planing if needed, Deputy Mayor... and so many more. Do not miss this meeting it is at 5pm. Interested in a village position and getting involved - message us and we will get you in touch.


Get prepared for the March 2021 election. This time you will vote to seat another trustee in your ward and the Mayor. It is rare the elections are so close together (they are usually 1 year apart) but due to covid and the delayed March 2020 election this is a one time occurrence where elections are happening so close together.


Are you interested? The Mayor Salary is 41,600 with opportunity to make additional monies as department heads (For example the Mayor is also the head of water and sewer increasing the total salary to above 50,000)

Trustees earn 7,440 per year. They also act as liaison to departments.


How can you get prepared:

- Meet your trustees

- Meet your neighbors

- Interested in Running for office? We will be outlining steps to get on the ballot very soon. We have to get contact information for who exactly to contact (Party Heads) and deadlines.

- Contact local groups and political parties and request Meet the Candidate and Debate forums open to all leading up to election.

How we will help get us prepared:

- We asked for trustees to have a photo on the website, a couple sentences about them, which departments they are liaison to, and when their term expires. This will help us identify and understand who our elected officials are and who to contact when.

- We asked for there to be an election page year round on the village website explaining requirements, how to run, deadlines, and exact steps.

- We asked the new text / email notification system be used to remind people about election (it was not)

- We asked that Facebook and Social Media be used to remind people about election (the only post was 7/15/2020)

Do I sound like a broken record?!? I might for the next few months as this information is important - Thank you WR for letting me come on to get the message out.

You can share here too. Contact WR to add your questions to the list, spread the word, and share any insights you have here too! wappingersrises@gmail.com

Signing off for now,