Community Spotlight - The Creamery

We had to check in with Molly at The Creamery after her first night open (which was yesterday) ....

WR: How was your first night?!? We can tell you from our end the post we did for your shop reached 3,200 people, 162 shares/ likes and 268 post clicks!! I think you were missed. 🍦 💓

MOLLY: So happy to be back at it! The response last night was overwhelming - it was great to see how happy people felt that we were open. Some even said it made the time feel "normal".

WR: Tell is a bit about how it worked.

MOLLY: People took their ice cream across the street, sat by their cars or at the two benches we have. It was perfect.

WR: Share what we need to know.

MOLLY: Right now we're open 1-8 Saturday & Sunday. 2-8 weekdays. Stay informed by following us on social media. For now we are just serving ice cream- until we figure out the best way to start food.

WR: Thanks Molly - we are happy you’re back too!