Community Spotlight- Sean Bowden

One of our first followers on Instagram was the profile @a_boy_and_his_dog_photography - we‘ve always been inspired by Sean’s photos but his recent post really made us smile. We asked if we could share it as a community spotlight- enjoy!

WR: Hello! we’ve always referenced your Instagram account - what’s your name?!?

SEAN: Sean Bowden, Hello!

WR: We were moved by your recent instagram post about growing up in the Village. We’ve shared an excerpt from that post below. Can you share a bit about what you love today?

SEAN: The thing I enjoy most is how the village hasn't lost its family feeling. Most of the families that were here when I was a child , still are. And the new families seemed to have melded perfectly into the fabric of our community. I love the fact that it's a true neighborhood. I love sidewalk and front steps. , they encourage walking, meeting people and was the way we socialized when I was a child. It is nice to see that hasn't changed.

WR: We often see your pup pop up in photos tell us more about your pup which also has a lot to do with your Instagram name.

SEAN: I've had my pup for 5 years. I started co fostering him along with 2 other puppies with a friend. I bought a camera to take photos to help in the adoption process. Once I adopted Han, (not a Star Wars fan, he came with that name) I wanted to chronicle our exploits together. I got so much positive affirmation on my photos , it snowballed from there, to becoming the amazing passion it is today. I try to get my photos to evoke an emotion, sometimes they do and that's what drives me.

WR: Thanks for chatting with us.

Definitely follow Sean for incredible photos of the area and more.

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