Community Spotlight - Patty Atkinson

Updated: May 8, 2020

As you may know #wappingersrises was the brain child of Patty and Trent Atkinson as a way to unite, involve, and connect the community after the fires on East Main Street a few years back. I (Courtney Kolb) jumped onboard to help however I can creating much of what you see on Social Media including these spotlights. Our intention has always been to make #wappingersrises a positive voice for the people showcasing the community. We are so happy to highlight Patty and what she’s created for the community during this challenging time. Thank you Patty!

WR: Tell us a bit about yourself here in The Village.

PATTY: I lived on the outskirts of the village for ten years, and moved right into the village in 2015.

WR: Tell us some things you’re looking forward to when we reopen

PATTY: It is amazing how we don't realize how nice it is to know so many familiar faces, and the value of that is stressed right now. I look forward to restaurants, wine bars, and ice cream....going back to "normal" will feel great.

WR: Tell us about the videos you’ve worked on and shared his YouTube

PATTY: I created a series of quick videos to help those who may feel elevated stress and anxiety during this rare time in world history. I broke them out into five quick videos (6 minutes or less) so that those who are cut up for time, like me, can still benefit from learning easy tools and techniques. The videos can be watched all at once, or one a day for five days. My favorite one is video 5 that includes a guided relaxation.

Here‘s the link- Click on the photo below and enjoy relaxation and several moments of deep breathing and calming energy.