Community Spotlight - Miss Liz

Our next Community Spotlight! Thank you Miss Liz for taking the time to connect with us.

WR: Hi Liz (owner of Mindful

Yoga With Liz) Tell us a little more about you- we remember you saying you lived in the village- when was that?!

MISS LIZ: Hi!! Thanks so much for this opportunity! I love the village and love seeing all of the posts and thriving businesses! I lived in the village for about 13 years before moving in with my, now, husband and two amazing step kids. My side of the family still lives in the village so my presence is still going strong. I lived in the cutest studio apartment, worked at the local daycare while I was in college and was a frequent visitor of Eddies, The Quiet Man and Cafe Maya. My favorite event is still the St Paddy’s Day Parade 🍀. I love the support of all of the businesses and how many people come to gather and support one another. One of my goals is to be able to open a second studio in the village!!

WR: YES!!! Second Studio in The Village please! You’ve worked wonders with children and families at your brick and mortar studio in poughkeepsie. Recently we’ve actually had the chance to attend your virtual live classes online- what has changed with the temporary closure of your physical studio space?

MISS LIZ: I’ve always said the best thing about a yoga studio is it’s just a room and it is what you make it. So our dining room has been transformed into the new Virtual Studio! As all of us small business owners had to do, I had to adapt with what I had quickly. I’ve taken all of my classes online, via Zoom, where kids can see one another and interact with myself and other kids. Now, more than ever, they need the socialization while learning coping skills, self soothing techniques, ways to manage anxiety and how to move their bodies in healthy ways. Since we’re all home, I’ve just added as many classes as I can! We have everything from Baby Yoga to Toddlers to Tween Girl Power to BOYoga to Teens Only to us adults!

WR: YES! We loved your virtual classes! How can people find you now?

MISS LIZ: I’m always on Facebook and Instagram at Mindful Yoga With Liz and I’ve been doing at least 2-3 free live class a week on both platforms. My website has the full schedule of zoom classes (

WR: General guidance you may want to share with folks?

MISS LIZ: Allow yourself to feel. This is a roller coaster for many of us! Try to check in with yourself multiple times a day. Be patient with yourself. Be present with your families. BREATHE!! Try to support local businesses, even if that looks like sharing a post. And always reach out to me if I can be of any assistance!! We are a community and we WILL get through this together!

WR: Thank you Miss Liz, catch you at a virtual class real soon. 💓