Community Spotlight - Mario’s own Frank Camey and Heritage Food + Drink

We can always count on Heritage Food + Drink to tag us and like our pics! We love following our local businesses and having them tag #wappingersrises to keep us informed. When Heritage Food + Drink reached out today they had BIG BIG NEWS!!! Big news and news that is near and dear to our hearts.

We know what you’re thinking - tell us the news already??!?!!

Background first: As you know in February a commercial building on Market Street in the Village of Wappingers Falls burned down. It took with it Mario’s Sandwich Shop that in 3 short months made a HUGE impact on our community. We desperately miss Frank, his family, and food.

BUT this post isn’t about the past- it’s about the present and future.

We spoke with Frank who was happy to share he is back as the Executive Chef at Heritage. Where he was when voted Hudson Valley Magazine’s Best Chef! Frank shared with us that he misses the village and making his speciality sandwiches we all love.

Well, Heritage Food + Drink have us covered hosting a Mario’s Pop Up Brunch with Frank Camey dishing out his speciality sandwiches from Mario’s!!! THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY - details below in the post from Heritage. What a special way to honor Frank and his shop in the village- while short lived loved by us all.

Let us show our community spirit!!! Make a sign for your window/car saying #wappingersrises or #wappingerstrong or We missed you Frank and pickup a very special Mario’s takeout this weekend ONLY.

🎥 Guess who will be on Chopped this Tuesday??? Yep! Frank. Be sure you tune in Tuesday at 9pm 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽