Community Spotlight - Mamma Musetti

We have been keep in touch with Mamma Musetti as they helped feed children and also spent time home with their family. They celebrate their 1 year Monday and open their doors Tuesday! Here’s more:

WR: Good Morning MM! How are you as you gear up to reopen with contactless pickup?

MM: Hello to our friends at Wappingersrises!! We are doing wonderful, we have been home with our children. We decided to help flatten the curve of this horrible virus and help keep our children, team & customers safe and healthy by closing for 2 weeks. We have been using our time to brainstorm on how to operate the most safe and effective way and we came up with our contactless pickup. When you pull up to get your food, call us. We will bring it to the table, after we put your bag on the table you can then come and grab it. We are encouraging people to pre-order so we can stagger pickup which will also ensure safety and health. This will prevent gatherings of people.

WR: This is great MM! Excited to have you back- safely. You immediately jumped on board to help feed children and now you’re coming back to help keep the community fed. What dishes can we expect?

MM: Feeding children in our community was not an easy thing to do for us, but we knew it was something that had to be done. We wound up feeding over 60 children for 2 weeks. We are looking at ways now that we can continue to help feed these children who need food. We want to see no child ever go hungry. Speaking of being hungry, We will be adding a few of our popular dishes to our daily menu such as our famous eggplant Rollatini, our hand made Manicotti, our hand made Pesto sauce which is a big request, pesto tortellini salad and of course we will have our normal menu and not to mention we will continue making our popular hand made pastas daily. Feeding kids for those 2 weeks became our priority, we worked very hard to make sure the kids were fed. We were making sandwiches, and pasta and so many lunches every day. The feeling we had doing it is really indescribable, it was such a good feeling to know that these kids were going to eat so good. The community came together and donated money and supplies to us, we were in just awe of the whole experience. While we have been home we have been preparing for our re-open, we have been ordering supplies to be delivered, and we completely sanitized and disinfected the ENTIRE café from top to bottom. We have been enjoying the time with our children also and keeping them busy. As we gear up to open on April 7th, we feel positive that the community will support us as they always have and as we have supported them. We will continue to provide the best hand made Italian foods and pastas . Our mission has always been to be the best, and the best we shall be.

WR: What can we do to help? How can we support you?

MM: The truth is we plan on being around for a very very long time. We are still a brand new business, as we celebrate our first year on April 6th. We are planning many ways to continue to help our community and put together other things we can do. It has been our mission since day 1. Without the support of the community we can not do these things, the best way for the community to support us is to patronize us at 2649 E. Main St. in the village. We will need help getting back up on our feet but once we do we have many plans to give back. In the meantime a surprise Go Fund Me has been setup by one of our wonderful neighbors to take up a donation for us. If you’d like to contribute and help us keep our doors open you can do that at Or you can visit our website at on the “contact us” page we have a button setup for you to easily donate. The funds on our website go directly to us. If you need to get in touch with us you can do it on our Facebook page, email us at mammamusettis@gmail.comIf it’s easier for you to Venmo just search @mammamusettiWe will continue to hand make the best Italian food in The HV. We will continue to hand make the best desserts as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in our community and we wish everyone safety and health. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our family and friends in Italy as well. We love you all..The best has yet to come!Grazie,see you all when we re-open on April 7th.God Bless!THE MUSΞTTI FAMILY! 🇮🇹

WR: Happy 1 Year! We’re lucky to have you and your family The Village of Wappingers Falls.