Community Spotlight - Lucy Dog

One of our followers on Instagram @lucydogadventures recently experienced a bit of fame!!! 🤩🤩

Here’s more:

WR: Lucy, tell us more about your recent tv experience!!


WR: 🤣🤣 Let‘s get the details from your Mom, Karen! Tell us all about Lucy first and then your recent tv appearance.

Karen: Lucy is from the streets of Puerto Rico. We got her 1 1/2 years ago, She’s 4 years old.

How this filming came about:

There was an ad in the Poughkeepsie journal looking for kids and one dog for a spot in Sesame Street. One of my good friends sent me the article. They were looking for a dog no bigger then 45 lbs. That can follow directions. I sent in photos and a little blurb about Lucy. I come to find out they received a ton of photos. The director liked the look of Lucy asked if I could send them a little video of her being washed by a hose. I did and she got the job.

WR: That is so great, how did the filming happen?

Karen: The filming was done 1 year ago in Beacon. The young girls mother come to me to let me know her daughter was bit by a dog once and was a little scared of dogs. Well with lots of treats and Lucy’s gentleness and Kindness the fear faded and the filming was a success. It is true what kindness can do. By the time we were done filming the little girl and Lucy made quite the bond. 💜

WR: Love that. Tell us where we can find more on the episode.

Karen: Episode information 

The episode is “Big Birds Fairytale” about kindness. The skit - “K” -for Kindness. 

New episodes of Sesame Street premiere on PBS approximately 9 months after their original airdate on HBO. Please check your local listings for additional information. Benjamin R. Nathan, Director ALL OF US FILMS

Peace + Love from Lucy and her family.