Community Spotlight - Jess Howe

We caught up with Jess Howe owner of Ruinous Revived for our next Community Spotlight. We are going to keep these rolling, Message us- we would love to feature you. #wappingersrises

WR: Hellllooo Jess! How’s the world of restoring furniture? We saw the gorgeous table and chairs you recently completed!!

JESS: Hello! 👋🏻 The world of restoring furniture has been good! My newly finished dining table and chair set has already been sold 🥳

WR: We miss you, have you been working on new pieces? JESS: I miss everyone so much! I’m currently trying to narrow down which projects are going under the sander next! I’m leaning towards this lovely little bar cabinet that’s been in the shop that needs some love. WR: Tell us about your day to day, you had just brought in a new product line, can you tell us about that? JESS: My new normal day to day has been trying to add as much online as possible so everyone’s still able to shop! The new product line is soo exciting for me. Since we’ve opened up I’ve dreamed about expanding to feature even more local artisans and I’ve been able to add two new ones to the shop creating an apothecary line of soaps, rooms sprays, perfumes, and even one candle scent! I’m currently working at home enjoying the ‘Denny’s Point’ room spray 🥰 Such a great way to start my morning! WR: What can we do to help? How can we support you? JESS: A great way to help us out is to browse our products online for some retail therapy! If there’s nothing catching your eye now we also have our gift cards online. And of course a great way to help without spending a dime is by sharing and commenting on our posts to show some love ☺️ WR: Thank you Jess!! We long for the days to grab an ice cream sandwich at The Creamery and visit your shop! ***Be sure to follow @ruinous_revived on social media- Jess has a great account! Perfect balance of entertainment and amazing treasures. See you soon 💓