Community Spotlight - Fareground

For over a year now we’ve been donating to the tiny food pantry (TFP) outside The Methodist Church. We took a few minutes to catch up with the folks behind this!

WR: Good Morning Karen (George)!! We’ve dropped non perishables into the tiny food pantry in Wappingers and Beacon and recently realized it’s Fareground. Can you tell us more about this?

KAREN: The TFP’s are in Beacon (as you know) and Wappingers. We have several pantries being built currently.  They are built by the volunteers in the community with donated materials that are all weather.  They hold nonperishable items, toiletries men/women and baby needs.  You can take what you need and leave what you can.  They are accessible 24/7 for anyone to use.  The community supports them as well as donation promotions Fareground runs for them.  We also have a Wishlist on Amazon that people can shop at and have product shipped directly to us,  Beacon Natural Market in Beacon and Keyfood in Beacon have bins that people donate to as well.

WR: In addition to the tiny food pantries with the pandemic we are facing is there anything else you are focusing on?

KAREN: With the pandemic we are currently facing, we became first responders to the need for food and collaborated with the BSD to feed the kiddos.  As they handed out their lunches to go, Fareground handed out dinners to go.  We started with 35 meals on a Monday and by the end of the first week we were handing out 300 2x a week. In addition, we are handing out/delivering, if necessary, meals to people in Wappingers/Fishkill and Poughkeepsie.  We have partnered with Chubby’s Deli in the Village of Wappingers who lets us know how many he needs to hand out – he is serving lunches to go for the kiddos in the Village.  Mamma Musetti’s was feeding 60 kids and giving dinners to them for the last 2 weeks as well. Mamma Musetti’s is is now working on a new program to continue feeding children who need it, their program is called Mamma’s Lunchbox.

The need to feed will never go away….

We are collaborating with JNLTech in Beacon, the BSD, Mutual Aide in Beacon, Beacon Community Kitchen and endless list of volunteers and do gooders.

WR: How can we help and support your efforts?

KAREN: We post on social media, You know your from Wappingers Falls, Wappinger Rises and various other groups to let everyone know that we are here to help.  In addition, we are sending emails to our email list that is growing by the day!

Check out our website,, on Facebook at Tiny Food Pantries, Hosted by Fareground, Inc and on IG #fareground

WR: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do!