Community Spotlight - Emily Music 4 Kids

So many people are rising to help bring joy during this difficult time. Today we joined Miss Emily’s Facebook Live Class and she did just that! Here’s more!

WR: We had a blast joining your class today with our kiddos. Tell us more!

Miss Emily: I have been doing in person programs for 20 years as a teacher, music therapist, etc. This made me think outside the box AND coincidentally I auditioned for a kids tv show host gig with a 5 minute tape.  The next day I woke and said, hey!  I can make my own show! Today was episode 30. 

WR: We are glad you’re here for us during this time especially. Tell everyone how they find you.

Miss Emily: People can tune in for free Monday through Friday at 11 AM to for new shows or go to the same site to watch all my previous ones.

WR: What are your plans moving and how can we keep in touch?

Miss Emily: My live classes in the future will be either in my home or the Beacon Music Factory, and of course BIRTHDAY PARTIES and Library, camp and school programs.  People can send their camp and school directors to my facebook page or contact me here. 

WR: Share any other fun facts and info with us!

Miss Emily: I clowned with Dr. Patch Adams in 2016 in Costa Rica as Melodita the musical clown.  ANYONE can go on one of Patch's clowning trips.  He does 8 a year all over the world.  I crowd funded for my tuition.  I think the video I made for that is still on my facebook page, as well.  So I do not charge for my online shows.  People can venmo me or send me checks in the mail as donations, always appreciated as my gigging opportunities are shut down for now.

My show, Emily Music for Kids, I really just wanted to give some quality educational entertainment for kids and their caregivers during this very difficult time.  The show is intentionally long so kids can come and go as they please but it happens at the same time with many of the same songs to create a ritual in family scheduling, something to get to know better, have ownership ie a sense of belonging by reinforcing the same songs over and again.  Also the same beginning and ending songs everyday and I sing the names of all the kids whose parents text me their names.  I know how much it means to them.  I am having a ball.  My kids are grown and live in the city and California.  So I worry about them, true. And miss them, too.  I was alone here in my little house for the first two weeks until my sweetheart who plays the saxophone on my show was able to come and visit after a two week quarantine from being on the road with a band in Florida when the flu came to town.  So, literally the toys and puppets and the show kept me going!  And my phone calls to family and friends and across the street waves and chats to my dear neighbors.

WR: We will continue to join you on FB live and appreciate your energy and all you do!