Community Spotlight - Check Engine Chuck

We first met Chuck (owner of Check Engine Chuck) when he messaged us he had extra gloves he wanted to donate. Shortly after that we received a message from Dave DiPietro letting us know his car needed immediate work ( and so did his sisters) who lived nearby. Chuck had both of their cars serviced right at their home during this trying time and Dave was very happy with the experience. Sidebar - in our brief conversation with Chuck it is so clear how passionate he is about what he does.

Here‘s a bit more:

WR: Hello! Thanks for taking the time to connect with us. Tell us more about you 😄

CHUCK: My name is Richard, but everyone in the industry knows me as Chuck! I have always been fascinated with things mechanical, but didn’t start my profession career until I was 14. I have now been a mechanic for 18 years, and my technician has been in the field for 16. His name is Merv, and he is one of the best undercar mechanics I have ever met. Both of us have worked for shops that have pushed inaccurate, and/or immoral policies, and when we met 8 years ago (working for an owner) we found a great balance of tech/manager and shared the same moral compass. I started the business a year ago, and knew he would end up being my first hire, which was right on my first year anniversary.

WR: Tell us about our business model.

CHUCK: I am contacted by the customer, and have a brief discussion of the issue with their vehicle. 99% of calls can be done mobile, so after the initial discussion I set up a convenient time and date to check out the complaint. Pretty much every job starts with an initial visit, during which we verify the concern and provide an estimate, at no charge, unless it is something that takes a good amount of time, breaking out tools, and performing actual labor. Before anything is done that will cost money, the customer is advised, and we almost always are able to stick to our original estimate. If it is something repairable on the spot, we take care of it, or if parts need to be ordered, we set up a return date. Once in a blue moon we get a call that is straightforward, and bring parts for the initial visit. We can be found on fb, yelp, google, ig, and by call or text @ 8458035220.

WR: Tell us what is happening with the current pandemic and your business.

CHUCK: As far as the pandemic goes, we have stopped recycling gloves. We put on a fresh pair for the initial contact and taking of keys, remove them and replace before returning keys/taking payment, and dispose of all gloves afterwards. We have face masks at request, and wipes as well. We are keeping back from customers, asking them to lay down the key, and are making our best attempt to accept only electronic payments. We would much rather be home, avoiding all contact with the public, but with a lot of people afraid to travel at all, we understand how auto repair is an essential business, and see the value in a mobile service staying open.

WR: Thanks so much for this info and being such a team player in the community offering donations and help as needed. We will be in touch!

*Photos by Dave Di Pietro