Community Spotlight - Charlie Ferry

We had a chat with local resident and photographer Charlie Ferry, always a pleasure.

WR: Charlie, you’ve been inspiring us for years and years with your photography and we know you enjoy walking around the village and capturing beautiful moments. How have you been these last few weeks? Out and about much?

CHARLIE: I have been walking but had been leaving my camera at home, just beginning to be motivated to photo-document this health crisis. When I am out I’ve been seeing others walking and for the most part following the rules for social separation. From what I’ve seen most people give more than the 6 feet. I see many more family’s walking together which is actually kind of nice. Dog walking has become a major pass time.

WR: Anything you want to share as one of the many people who enjoy the parks?

CHARLIE: The value of having usable public open space is being seen during this crisis. Be respectful to social distancing and clean up after your dogs so all can enjoy.

WR: Promise us you will take more photos soon. We miss them and they always bring us together. Thanks for connecting with us.