Community Spotlight - Cafe Con Leche

Phil, Melodie, and family, we love seeing what you’re doing to provide food safely during this time. Let’s catch up!

WR: How are you all doing?

PHIL: We’re all doing good right now Thank God! 🙏 All of our servers are rotating and getting a shift. My kitchen staff is furloughed but receiving unemployment so they’re ok for now.

WR: What do you miss most? I know we miss the fun bright energy and MUSIC in your dining room!

PHIL: Normalcy. Our customers that make up our atmosphere and ambiance in our restaurant. We miss the daily interactions with them and making feel like they’re a part of the family. We miss plating our dishes. The excitement in our customers eyes when they see those dishes coming out to their tables. We miss everything about our business right now! 😊

WR: Tell is a bit about your day to day.

PHIL: Our day to day has definitely changed. I’m (Phil) back in the kitchen full time with one line cook while my wife (Melodie) holds down the front of house with one server. It’s a bit hectic when you go from 6 employees in the kitchen to 2 and from 5 employees up front to 2. Especially with our cuisine being all freshly made. The wait is a little longer as I’m covering 3 parts.

WR: What can you do to help? We love all the measures you’ve taken to safely serve people to go.


•Continue to support us for takeout, delivery or curbside.

•Purchase physical or eGiftcards to use at a later time.

•Like,Share and comment on our page to increases visibility.

•Consider paying forward a family meal deal for a less fortunate family especially during these times.

•Suggestion to tip your driver as if they were your server dining in because they are the ones delivering your food.

WR: Thank Phil and Melodie- we will be seeing you very soon!