Community Spotlight - AJ Cafe

Watching businesses like AJ Cafe adjust their business model and continue to serve amazing food and bev has been part of this pandemic. Here’s more:

WR: Everyone loves AJ Cafe - What are you guys missing most?

JOHN: What do I miss... All of the things that used to annoy me, nickel back or “I love this bar” on the juke box. Getting slammed at the bar and having customers yell my name impatiently. I miss our regular customers even the ones we only know by what they drink. Right now we are decently busy and a huge part of it is because of our regulars. They have been ordering from us on a regular basis (and tipping our staff extremely generously), and they have all helped sharing our posts on social media. That has brought us a whole new crop of customers.

We have started doing deliveries, which has also given us some new customers. I deliver 3 days a week- it’s really weird delivering a 12 pack or a few margaritas along with a food order.

WR: The beverage delivery has been pretty crazy!! How can we support you?

JOHN: So supporting us and ordering. First off somewhere in the interwebs there’s an old AJ menu floating around. We ask that you go to our website to get the accurate menu We are taking orders just through the phone (845)632-1631. There’s a few things that have been tough to buy so we aren’t stocking shellfish or our homemade pickles. Please keep tagging/sharing on Facebook - it is our best form of advertising.

WR: We noticed you’re feeding the frontline with big meal orders - tell us more!

JOHN: Feeding the frontline came about because I grew up with Jamie and Ang knows Leanne very well. They reached out and asked if we can help. You know us, we never say no to helping out with stuff like this. I’m trying to vary the food we are serving to people but it’s tough because it’s gotta be stuff that can sit around and not go bad, or stuff that’s held hot. I don’t want to make the same wraps for the hospital every week. So I’m getting the creative juices going. So we are gonna keep moving with this right now. Going to the ems/state troopers on middlebush plus the village PD today. I think we are doing Vassar again next week. Here is the link to donate: GoFundMe.

WR: What can we expect moving forward?

JOHN: So as of now I’m trying to do 2 things: Play the short game and the long game. The short game is to keep my staff working as much as I can. As long as Ang and I can cover our bills the staff is our focus. And the long game where once this is all over we wanna make an impact on the new customers we‘ve been serving and introducing current customers to new menu options like our bigger entrees instead of just apps and burgers.

WR: John- we thank you and Ang for all you do! If you guys want to see a great video of AJ cafe and their team head to their Facebook page and like, comment, share while you’re there.