Community Spotlight - Aaron Browne

The Village of Wappinger Falls very own brewery on Route 9 Cousins Ale Works!

WR: Aaron! Hello Hello! We recently saw a photo and it looks like all of your decor is down and a possible reno at the brewery?!? Tell us what’s happening!?!?

AARON: Hi, Great to hear from you. So during this hard and trying time I'm keeping my spirits up by doing some updates of the decor in the brewery. I recently added new footrests all the way around the bar. I am going to be updating the bar stools hopefully within the month, looking to get something a little more comfortable encouraging people to relax and enjoy. We are going to soften the seating in the brewery with some faux leather loung chairs and maybe even coffee tables.

As far as what you saw in the picture with all of the decor down. I am bringing a fresh new look to the brewery on that wall. A good friend of mine Jess Kennedy is a local artist and has her own Instagram page called chalk of the Town. She's going to be painting a mural on that wall that will be 50 ft in length and from top to bottom probably 10 to 15 ft tall. It will be done over the next couple of weeks to a month. We are looking for something very colorful and bright. They will be a welcomed change to the breweries look and feel. Think a more artistic / industrial end result as we work through these changes.

WR: How have things been going as you adjust to the new norm (for awhile anyway). We noticed Chef Stef is supporting Feed the Frontlines with a great catering menu- do you miss working together?

AARON: As far as right now and how things are going with the way times are. They are very scary for me at the brewery. I have decided to only produce beer to go based on orders I received through direct messages on my social media pages. I will not be hosting or holding any normal walk-in business hours until this is completely over. As you know Chef Stef cooked / catered with us. Working alongside Stef is always a lot of fun and we make it a lot of fun. We have a lot of exciting things in store as long as I can safely navigate this current pandemic and be able to reopen my doors once it is over. Unfortunately the way this is affecting my business as it is affecting all small businesses I am very scared that it could permanently close my doors but I am trying very hard to stay open and will continue to do so.

WR: What ways can we help / support you during this time?

AARON: Call text beer orders as much as you can. Like our social media, like posts, comment and stay engaged with us.

WR: We sure will Aaron! Thanks for your time.