Big News Day - Windows on East Main

The first batch of "Village Views" window art has been displayed and the Village Board of Trustees voted this week to remove all barriers along East Main Street within the next two weeks. The village is thriving. Take note of the vast remodeling efforts of most commercial plazas along Route 9 in the last year. This is a major indicator in the Real Estate market that an area is about to take off. Commercial owners invest massive resources to analyze demographics, volume, and economic trends. The results of these studies dictate where the best value (cost vs return) lies. Recently-these results have, obviously, been pointing directly at the Village of Wappinger's Falls. We are witnessing this same interest in all commercial properties within the Central Business District as well. This is also fantastic news for the residential market as property values will increase slowly at first- trailing closely behind- and then, eventually, surpassing the commercial market as new businesses and a fresh "look" will draw home buyers to the area en mass. We here at #wappingersrises have a strong suspicion that in two years or less, the Village of Wappinger's Falls will be in the midst of a full-fledged revival! If you're not already on board, you're already falling behind!