Barricades Removed on East Main Street

Barricades are removed!!! The BandAid has been pulled on East Main Street. All buildings have been abated, re-supported, roofs installed and "Village Views" artwork has started to go up. Many people have been critical of the timeline in which this all occurred. However, those of us who have a full understanding of this complicated process are highly impressed with the turn-around time as it involved multiple owners, insurance companies, investigators, engineers, inspectors, contractors, lenders, attorneys, architects...there were a lot of gears turning in the background that went unnoticed. Although, to some, 8 months may seem like an eternity- everyone should be very proud of what was accomplished's only the start of great things to come for the Village of Wappinger's Falls! #wappingersrises Photo credit to Adam Lauricella and Keely Sheehan "Village Views" Provided by The Wappingers Civics Association.